Thursday, October 8, 2009

Updates at last!

So, it's been a while... I guess being pregnant has caused me to become preoccupied with baby stuff, baby books, coupons, shopping, showers, etc. So here are some updates:

This past weekend I drove up to Southern Utah for our yearly family tradition: The St. George Marathon. And yes, I registered for this race only to find out a few days later that I was pregnant (unfortunately there were no refunds or deferrals).

On the drive I decided to stop and see the Hoover Dam. I had driven across this thing several times, but I thought that it was time to finally get out and take a picture... I opted to avoid the tour and wait until Steve could come along to do the whole tourist thing.Although, I had no intentions to run the entire marathon (and risk going into labor), I still wanted to participate in the race. So at mile 23 I put on my number and joined my sister Abby on her last 3 grueling miles. Abby ran her very first marathon and I am so proud of her! I knew how tough it is to run those last few miles and I'm so glad that I was able to share that experience with her. I got off the course before the last 100 yrds. and gave her a pat on the back and said, "you made it, you did it Abby!" I always say that to myself at the very end of a race, but it was an awesome experice to cheer my sister on... WAY TO GO ABBY!Here I am at 27 weeks... people are finally noticing now that I'm pregant and not just thick around the middle. My brother Isaac and sister-in-law Megan ran as well. They got married 1 week before the race! I'm sure you can imagine how much they trained for this race with all the wedding planning... not much. In the end it's about finishing. NICE JOB Megan and Isaac! Here they are about a month before the wedding... what an adorable couple :) I flew up for the wedding 2 weeks ago. Luckily the weather was beautiful and we all had a blast at the reception (which really was an awesome PARTY!). Here I am with my sisters and sister-in-law Amy. It was so much fun to see all of my siblings since we all live in different places.
Angie and I in our cute navy dresses (luckily the dress was forgiving through the middle). Dancing the night away...

While I was in Utah, my friend Emily gave me an awesome baby shower. It was so much fun to see all of my friends on my short trip. Thanks Em for such a fun shower!
As far as preparing for the baby goes, I've gone a little crazy and have hit a "nesting" phase.
I am constantly looking for deals and clipping coupons. A few weeks ago, I got an awesome deal on this crib bedding at Babies R Us. I decided to decorate her room in light pink and brown with a butterfly theme. The room itself needs some reorganizing, so stay tuned for some pictures.

One more thing I thought I would share. So, our baby girl just LOVES music. I started to play the guitar for her and she just goes wild every time in my belly. You can see her poking and dancing around through the skin on my tummy... it's sooooo fun to watch. It's such an amzing thing to see how she reacts to things. She gets really active when I shower and take warm baths. Today I was lying down and I could actually push her from one side of my belly to the other. This whole experience is quite amazing... I can hardly wait to see our baby girl!