Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Grand Canyon Getaway

Steve is officially all done with his Step 1 boards now!!! He finished about 1 week ago and I'm so glad they are over. He has been studying nonstop for the past few months, and hopefully all of the hardwork will pay off when he get his scores back. He feels pretty good about them, and that means a lot coming from Steve. He starts rotations next week so we have had a little bit of time off before things get crazy again. To celebrate we headed up to the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff for a few days. Neither one of us had been to the Grand Canyon so we were both pretty excited.

Here is some proof of why Steve has spent countless hours of studying. He also had to tell me that each one of these pages had been read at least "3 times". I wonder how many trees have been sacrificed for this:
Here is a better perspective:
Grace: "Daddy, does mom know your taking this picture? I don't know how to stand on my own yet & I'm not sure if it is safe to lean me up in this corner."

Enjoying the nice cool air while camping in the Grand Canyon. I'm glad we were able to get some use out of this adorable jacket. There is not much use for it in Phoenix when it is 105 outside.

Hanging out in Flagstaff. I told Steve we could put Grace in the stroller, but he insisted on holding her... I think he likes to show off his little girl. Enjoying a little day hike with spectacular views. And you'll have to excuse my sunglasses in all of these pictures; I've had some issues with my eyes and they are extremely sensitive to light... these were the darkest pair I could find that covered my eyes well enough.Sunset in the Grand Canyon... just beautiful (minus the haze from the fire in Flagstaff).

Grace loves to hike in her Baby Bjorn... to bad I can't get her to stay in it any other time.