Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Coffee Run

So, not everything that I do at work is related to physical therapy. It seems that everyone I work with is addicted to coffee. Now this is something that I don't really mind because although I do not drink coffee, I still reap the benefits of the weekly coffee run to Starbucks. Little did I know, Starbucks offers a variety of drinks that do not contain coffee or caffeine... they do however contain plently of calories. My current job not only requires me to assist patients with their physical therapy, but I am also required to order 10-15 drinks at Starbucks and manage to have them all safely arrive at the office. In fact, I actually wrap my seatbelt around the cardboard drink holders to ensure their safe arrival. I thought that I would share some of my "non-coffee" favorites:

The Vanilla Bean Frappuccino...

Consisting of iced milk, vanilla bean flavor, and whipped cream (this is my favorite).

The Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino...

This one is VERY chocolately, but it is a yummy dessert.

The Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino...

I love the delicious strawberry flavor. It's kind of like a strawberry shake, but 10 times better.

The Caramel Apple Cider...

This is a yummy holiday treat.

The Pumpkin Spiced Cream....

I have yet to try this one, but it looks very good. I saw it online while I was browsing for these pictures. It consists of steamed milk, pumpkin, cream, and other fall spices.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our New Home

Well, I finally have my camera... hooray! I know that many of you have been asking about where we are living and how the adjustment has been in gerneral. I am glad to report that I love our new place and we are fortunate to live in a great neighborhood. The ward here is wonderful and Steve and I have met a lot of other couples in our same circumstance. There are also 3 LDS couples that live in our apartment complex which has been really nice. Here is a little tour of our place: Here is our front living room.

The dining area.

I made the cushion for this little bench before we moved and found some organzing bins that fit perfectly in it (that was a headache).

Here is our amazingly spacious kitchen compared to our last apartment.

The master bedroom. We also have a bathroom right off of our bedroom which I really like.

This is outside on our patio/balcony.

The laundry.... I think the magnetic board makes this space kind of fun.

The study.

Here is our guest bathroom... so if anybody wants to come visit, we have plenty of extra room.

Here are a few other pictures that I took before we moved...

Packing everything up... including myself!

Here we are up at Snowbird with my family the day before Steve drove down to AZ.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Freezing Cold in St. George

Well, I can officially say that I completed my 3rd marathon. However, the experience was very eventful to say the least. St. George weather is usually quite warm in October, but this past weekend was filled with rain, wind, and chilly temperatures. Here is a synopsis of the race:

The sky was dark and cloudy...

Mile 1
A black garbage back is handed to me at the starting line as my only shield against the elements.

Mile 3
I realized that this "shield" was contributing to a considerable amount of wind drag.

Mile 4
The black garbage bag is discarded at the aid station in order to improve aerodynamics.

Mile 6
3 minute wait for the porta-potty.

Mile 7
Hunger is starting to set in (that carbo-loading the night before just wasn't enough). I ravenously scarf down a 1/4 banana and a cliff bar which I tore open with my teeth because my hands were too frozen to open the package.

Mile 8
My shoes begin to make a "goooosh" sound as I run because of the pelting rain.

Mile 10
A big hill appears in the distance ahead, but my legs feel strong and run up the increased elevation.

Mile 11
I scarf down another 1/4 banana and a power shot (yuck!). note: a power shot is this weird gooey substance that is supposed to replenish your energy stores. I recommend not trying the coffee flavor.

Mile 12
My right i-pod earphone shorts out from the rain.

Mile 15
My parents meet me on the course and give me a very bright yellow jacket so I don't freeze the rest of the way.

Mile 15.1
I realize my hands are too frozen to zip up the jacket. I ask a random spectator on the side of the road if he would zip it up for me.

Mile 16
Received a rub-down of "icy hot" on my calves from a volunteer at the aid station.

Mile 17
Ingested another 1/4 banana. I-pod headphones are starting to fade from all the rain. Temptations to walk begin to plague me.

Mile 17.2
I meet a girl who begins to walk... I tell her "to keep going" in order to stop myself from doing the same. Denae and I chat for the next 3 miles... the distraction helps.

Mile 20
Another 3 min. wait for the porta potty.

Mile 23
Another 1/4 banana... I will regret all of the bananas later.

Mile 24
My i-pod headphones play a muffled version of "Chariots of Fire"... almost there!

Mile 26
Only .2 miles left to go!

Mile 26.1
A sprint to the finish line!

Mile 26.2
A finish time of 4 hrs. 26 minutes.

Yeah, I think I look just a little exhausted...