Sunday, October 17, 2010

They must be Jinxed!

So, I have a pair of sunglasses that I'm surprised still exist! I have often heard to not spend a lot of money on sunglasses because for many people they easily get lost, stolen, broken, dropped in a lake, etc. So I bought this lovely pair for about $40 at my favorite store ever (thanks to my mom): TJ Maxx.

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I've gone through many a pair, but I have somehow managed to hold onto this particular pair for a while now, meaning for about 2 years! This is very surprising to me because they seem to been lost more than found, however, they somehow always get returned... let me explain:

1st time gone missing:
My aunt comes to visit this past spring and the sunglasses get left in her rental car. I call her just in the nick of time before the car is returned. Unfortunately, they went back to Utah for 3 months. On my way up to WA to visit my brother, I picked up my favorite pair on my layover in SLC.

2nd time gone missing:
While visiting Utah, I'm enjoying my recently recovered sunglasses. Of course I had to attend a family reunion and then leave them on a picnic table. Not knowing this, I searched everywhere for my shades. After flying back to AZ, I realized that they may have been left at the reunion. Luckily, someone had picked them up and I managed to track them down after making some phone calls. Talk about good fortune. My mom mails my favorite pair to sunny AZ.

3rd time gone missing:
I'm finally enjoying my sunglasses again in the blazing sun here. Then one day, Steve's aunt Kathy watched Grace while I went to work. After installing the carseat base in her car, I left the glasses on the floor of the car. I get a phone call 2 days later saying that a pair of sunglasses were found. "Wow," I thought... "how do I keep losing these things!"

4th time gone missing:
After about 3 whole weeks of NOT losing my sunglasses, they of course had to dissapear once again. This time, however, they didn't wander too far. But after all of my luck, I thought for sure that I had thrown them away on accident... just like I had thrown away our remote control 2 years ago. I searched our apartment as if I were a crime detective; they were nowhere to be found. I remember sitting for about 30 min on the floor trying to retrace my steps from the past week. I realized they must be in the diaper bag, although I had gone through it 4 times already! I dumped the whole thing on the floor and there they were.... at the very bottom! I also realized that I should probably clean out that bag more often.

5th time gone missing:
So, it had been about another 3 weeks of holding onto my jinxed shades, until yesterday... I just had to leave them at my friends apartment after attending her son's 1st birthday. It's nice to know they are in safe hands (as long as they are out of reach of her 1-year-old) until I can get them back, once AGAIN.

Am I the only one who has a pair of sunglasses that seem to disappear and reappear so many times? Maybe one day they won't make their way back to me, but as for now, I'll just enjoy the time I have with them, especially because sunglasses are ESSENTIAL year-round in AZ.

And on another note, we celebrated Steve's 30th B-day a couple weeks ago! I managed to pull off an awesome surprise party, and much to my surprise, he was VERY surprised :) We splurged on some Coldstone ice cream cake and Steve loves his new Halo Reach game. Now I can tease him since he is in his thirties and I'm still enjoying my twenties :) Love you baby!!
Picture of his younger years..."Happy Birthday Daddy!"