Monday, April 26, 2010

Always Keeping Busy

So, it's been a while... but I have a good excuse for not being so diligent about blogging. First of all, this little one keeps me so busy. I think we have hit the teething stage and it seems that Grace is always a little grumpy. She does have her cute and happy moments though and I am amazed by all the new milestones she accomplishes.

My second good excuse, as some of you may know, I still work about 20 hrs a week for the clinic I worked full time at before having this little one. I have been doing medical transcription from home... it's a huge blessing. I also work a few hours every Saturday and teach a class for overweight children twice a week. It's fun to have other things to occupy my time, but it definitely can be pretty busy at times.

Last week, my friend Lindsey and I had a little photo shoot with Grace:

And of course I find some time for crafting. I made this onsie for a friend who actually had her baby prematurely... she probably won't be wearing it for a while because she is so tiny.
And I find some time for running. Grace loves the jogging stroller, but we'll have to start going early in the morning since it's starting to heat up.
And I also have to thank our little sweetie for being born on the 31st of December (just 4 hrs. short of the tax deduction deadline!). Thank you, Grace, for helping mommy and daddy with a little extra money.
I just can't resist those big blue eyes. Love you Grace!
And before I forget, my friend Emily took some amazing pictures of our family. I tried uploading them, but I was having some technical difficulties. So if you want to see some more pics of our little fam click here. There are also some pics from her blessing. Em, your awesome... thank you for some great memories!

And one more thing... little Grace has become such a copycat. It's amazing how much of an influence you can have on a little one.