Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dumpster Diving... Literally

So, I have a funny story for you (maybe I shouldn't be sharing this story because it is actually somewhat embarrassing, but I think it is very blog worthy). Last night I was debating whether to take the trash out or not... it was late and it was one of those nights where you just want to veg, but you don't because there are just certain household duties that need to be taken care of.

Luckily, our trash can has a lid on it and it can only hold so much trash until the lid can no longer be securely fastened. Lets just say that lid was not going to shut if anymore trash were shoved into the already compacted Rubbermaid trash receptacle.
I sometimes get scared taking the trash out at night even though we live in safe area with a gated community. In order to calm my nerves I decided to take my pepper spray with me and I also locked the door before leaving (just in case any burglars decided to break in during my 1-2 minute absence).
So I ventured out with pepper spray in my right hand and the plastic trash bag and keys in my left. As a tossed the bag into the gigantic dumpster, I thought to myself, "don't throw your keys into the dumpster." I must have jinxed myself during that moment because as just as I went to release the bag, my keys caught tangled up in the plastic and went straight into the bin.
I stood in shock for a moment while I internalized what had just occurred. In a short moment I started briskly walking back to our apartment to retrieve a flashlight since it was pitch black outside. After taking only a few steps, I stopped and realized that I had locked the door and if it wasn't for my paranoid thoughts my keys would not be in the bottom of the dumpster.

Contemplating what to do next, I thought of knocking on my neighbor's door and ask to borrow a flashlight, but decided not to since the conversation would be very embarrassing, "hi, can I borrow a flashlight? I locked my door before taking out the trash and I accidentally threw my keys into the dumpster."
So, I decided to go for it... diving right in. I blindly searched for my keys. I'm glad that it was dark so I couldn't see how germ infested the dumpster really was. Within 30 seconds I found them. Fortunately, they were still tangled up in the plastic trash bag and hadn't fallen to the bottom. Well, this whole experience taught me an important lesson: don't be too paranoid or else you might throw your keys into a dumpster.

I thought this was pretty funny:

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Endeavors

Well, I did my first 1/2 marathon this weekend! I ran in the P.F. Chang's Rock n' Roll marathon and 1/2 marathon... what a HUGE event. Over 30,000 people ran in this race! It's ironic that I have actually ran 3 marathons, but never a 1/2 marathon... let's just say it's a lot easier. My goal was to run it in 1 hr. 45 min, but I came in at 2 hrs. 7 seconds. I just kept thinking to myself, if only I had ran 7 seconds faster, I would have broken 2 hours... oh, well. I can't complain because I kept a fairly good pace at 9:10 minute miles. Steve also participated by volunteering on the race medical staff.

My race medal:

Pics from the race (note the huge amount of participants):
We were all divided up into 26 corrals. They let each corral go every 2 minutes so things wouldn't get too congested.

It got up to 78 degrees towards the end of the race! There were bands at each mile.

So when is my next race? In approximately 3 weeks I will be running the Sedona 1/2 marathon with my friend Tara. I'm excited because it should be a lot more scenic and not as many runners.

Well, with all this running I have been getting somewhat eager to try something new. I have always wanted to try a triathalon, but this past week I took some steps towards acheiving this goal. Today, I started seriously swimming laps for the first time ever... wow, what a workout! This will definetly be the toughest part so I have decided to start with swimming and add biking in a few months.

I checked out a few books to help me along the way...

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lots of Updates

I'm back!! Sorry about slacking on updates... I think I will blame it on the holidays... I'm sure you all understand. Well, it has the past few weeks have been very eventful. I finally feel like I can take a breath and sit quietly at my computer to update my blog. Here is the recap:

So we spent 5 days up in SLC to visit our families. We had a blast! There was even enough time to take 1/2 day and go night skiing up at Brighton. My favorite part was giving my nieces and nephews lots of hugs and kisses!

My mom and nephew at my Grandparents house.
At Steve's aunts house in Liberty, UT.Lots and lots of snow!Christmas Eve fun...I couldn't believe all the snow we got.Isaac always makes me laugh.Don't they make great news anchors?At the Salt Lake Burger Co.Don't you love that smile?I just had to play in the snow the day before we left.We made this gigantic sledding hill.The annual friend Christmas Party... one of my favorite highlights of our trip.

Shortly after returning home, my sister and her family along with my parents came down to AZ to visit.
Celebrating the U game!
Audrey on the Bosu.

My friend Neema from work and I at the Suns game.
Too bad they lost.

Well, so that is a quick update of what we've been up to the past few weeks. Now that things have settled down I'll be sure to keep up with my weekly posts.