Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Where did August go? My goal was to post at least once a month this year... oops. I admire the moms that manage to post weekly and capture every moment on camera to tell the story of their day to day lives. I often find myself saying "this would make a great post," but 90% of the time those imaginary posts are simply stored in my memory. So here is, yet again, another recap:I see my little baby turn more and more into a little girl. She can now clap her hands on command and twirls her soft hair like her mommy from time to time. I can no longer eat anything in front of her without sharing... even when I know she is not hungry. She is a little fish and can't get enough of the water. She's even been under a few times and finds it funny to come up coughing out any swallowed water.

Playing in Nana and Papa's hot tub on our trip to Utah (it was cooled off of course, just in case you were concerned). More pizza please...Playing dress-up at Nana and Papa'sRiding on Papa's boat...Barbeque with friends... thanks Rache for organizing everything... it was a blast!!Lunch date with my friend Lindsey... always a treat!I just had to throw this picture in... "Mom, I think I'm teething..."Steve has been busy with rotations, but manages to make time for family and finds his daughter irresistible. We realized that we hadn't been out on a date, just the two of us, since our anniversary in May. You might think this is crazy, but we absolutely love going out with Grace. We've taken her out to dinner, to the movies, and over to friend's houses in the evenings (she'll just sleep in her carseat in a different room).

Here we are in Scottsdale at the Fairmont Princess Resort. We wanted to go on a little trip over Labor Day weekend, but didn't want to travel far. We scored an awesome deal on Hotwire.com, it's was blast. The pools were amazing and very baby friendly too!And here are some updates on my life other than being a mom 24/7:

I have been working from home and absolutely love the flexibility it gives me. I usually can finish most of my work while Grace is napping. I have also been going into the clinic on Saturdays and fill in on a few shifts a couple times a month... it's great!

I'm officially registered for the Sedona marathon in February. I'm so excited for this race... the course is beautiful and I'm excited to run with some of my AZ friend's! Aside from running, I'm really enjoying my twice-a-week yoga class... I feel so much stronger and flexible doing this than my usual routine. The instructor really is inspiring (she is nearly 70, but looks as if she's in her 50's)... I hope I look like that when I'm her age; it must be the yoga.
And lastly, I can't seem to stay away from the craft/fabric stores. Hobby Lobby is one of my new favorites... they have EVERYTHING there when it comes to crafting and sewing. I have so many projects I want to do, but there just isn't enough time.Carseat canopy and diaper cake for my friend Kristin's shower.