Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Back to the Blog!

Alright, so we have been alive for the past 2 years! I have been feeling guilty about not having a family journal and we've done so much since I last wrote!!! A lot of changes have occured and it's time to get back into documenting it all. Where do I start?!? Here is a rundown in no particular order:

1. Grace is a big kid. This girl is almost 4-years-old, well, she will be in December. She started preschool this month, and although the first few weeks were a struggle, she has adjusted quite well. Her behavior at home has improved tremendously and it's nice to finally have a daily routine/schedule.

We are taking a trip to Disney World in October and it's all she can talk about lately! She has the most adorable Ariel princess dress you could ever imagine ready for the occasion. We have a "Disney World Jar" that is quickly filling up with spare change and earned money for good behavior. I'm very curious to see what she is going to purchase when we get there...

2. I had a baby. Yes, can you believe I had a baby 4 months ago and I haven't even blogged/journaled about the adventure! Now you can understand my guilt! Does Facebook count as a journal? If so, I guess I have been doing a pretty good job.

Gabrielle was born in May and she is the sweetest baby you could ever imagine. She is much different than Grace in so many ways. She sleeps consistently 9-10 hrs straight at night and has been doing so since she was 2 months old. She is very chunky. This girl loves to eat!!! Now, that alone sets her and Grace apart. And she smiles A LOT, it is so cute!

Her birth was an incredible experience. I had been wanting so desperately to have a VBAC. My birth experience with Grace was very different than I had anticipated. I had planned to have a natural child birth, took hypnobirthing, and sought out a wonderful midwife. Well, I'm learning more and more than you may have plans, but they will always change. And it's this change that helps us learn and cope and grow. Gratefully, Gabrielle came into this world in a way that I had prayed so earestly for the past few years. And of course, looking back I know it made the experience even that much more special. So, I have to thank Grace for coming into the world the way she did.

3. I did an Ironman. Yes, call me crazy (I do all the time). After doing that sprint triathlon I mentioned in a post a while back, I got this thing in me similar to a runner's high, but I guess you would call it a triathlete's high. So without thinking much, I decided to do a half ironman. And without thinking at all, I then decided to do a full ironman! Needless to say, the half ironman went very well and I followed that by a nearly boston qualifying time at the St. George marathon. I was feeling pretty good, and thought, what's the next step? Hmmm, an Ironman. Anyway, the training was intense. It took up a lot of time and it was a big sacrifice for all parties involved (i.e.- my husband). Steve was very supportive through it all and I could not have done it without him. The race was tough and the conditions were rough. White cap waves and wind gusts pretty much sums up the conditions of the 2.4 mile swim. After 112 miles on the hilly bike course, I donned my running shoes and set out for the 26.2 mile marathon. The emotions I felt at that finish line cannot be described with words. As I banked that last turn to the finish line, I put my hands to my face almost in tears, and said to myself, "I did it, I finished."

4. We moved to Ohio. All I can say is this place is very different from Arizona. We live in a small town that affords not much in regards to shopping, dining, and decent roads to bike and run on. If you know me well, you would come to the conclusion that I have been deprived of some of the things I love most this past year and a half! However, because of that "deprivation" I have realized my many blessings and have learned to focus on the things that matter most in life. We've learned to live on a lot less and I'm realizing more and more how blessed we are. I've also learned that I can deal with running/riding on the shoulder of the highway or on roads cracked and worn with potholes. At least I can run and I'm very blessed to have a nice bike.

So you are probably now wondering why we would move to small town Ohio? That brings me to number...

5. Steve graduated from medical school. My hubby has worked so hard over the 7.5 years we have been married. I don't know how someone could handle going to school for that long, and then continue onto doing a residency, which is pretty much like doing even more school, but you finally get paid a little for all your hard work! Steve is doing his residency in emergency medicine and I think it is the perfect fit for him. Gratefully, he does well enough that I'm able to stay home with Grace and Gabrielle. This has been a big adjustment because I really do enjoy working outside of the home, but I've also discovered that it is a huge blessing that I can be home with our kiddos. With crazy schedules and hours, Steve is often absent from dinners, bedtime stories, church, saturday activities, etc. I feel very blessed that one of us can hold down the fort at home.

Well, it seems that I covered the highlights of the past 2 years. I've commited to at least posting once a month so you won't see another post like this when residency is over!

It feels good to be back,