Friday, July 30, 2010

She's Earned Her Wings

I have been not so good with the blogging as of late, but then again, Grace and I have been on several trips over the past few months, so I guess that it is a good excuse. Although Grace just barely turned 7 months old, she has already flown 5 different times (excluding layovers) So, here is a brief recap of our many adventures:

In May, Grace and I flew to Detroit for a friend's wedding. I was so busy taking care of this little one, I had no time to take pictures. So here is the one picture that the wedding photographer took at the reception:After that, Grace and I flew from Detroit to visit my sister and her family in North Carolina. It was beautiful there; I love how green everything is. Once again, I didn't take too many pictures since Grace and I both didn't get very much sleep on this trip. We were able to spend time with these adorable kiddos:Then last week, Grace and I found ourselves in beautiful Pullman, Washington to visit my brother and his family. They live a small town, so our highlights consisted of the blue water tower, the metal statue, the yellow plane, and the garage-o-mahal (fancy name for a storage unit). The weather was amazing! Especially, since it is 105-115 here in AZ! It was a blast spending time with Yaks, Boo, and Diddles (nicknames):

This pic was taken at the SLC airport. I purposely planned a 3 hour layover, so I could spend time with my mom, sisters, and Grace's cousins... and of course, I had to have some yummy Cafe Rio for lunch! The only downside was I had to go back through security; not an easy thing with a 7 month old!
Experiencing some jet lag... "all of this traveling is wearing me out mom!"
Diddles after some spaghetti... it's hard to imagine Grace getting this messy, but I know it's coming soon!
Yaks and Boo riding their bikes... they earned a dollar or a piece of candy for each lap they completed... I don't think they realized that a dollar could buy more than 1 piece of candy (they usually took the candy over the dollar).
Having a photo shoot on Sunday. If you look close, you can see some little accessories on this gal's ears. Yep, I got her ears pierced. The pediatrician Steve was shadowing on his last rotation said he would pierce them... this gave me some peace of mind since I was a little nervous about it. She only cried for a minute and then was happy as can be afterwards.
And of course, we have just one more adventure planned. We are flying up to Utah this coming Sunday to see the rest of the family! Here are just a few more pics taken over the past few weeks, sorry I can't resist this little girl and there are too many cute pics!

Enjoying all of these new tasty foods.... "mmmmm... sweet potatoes!"
Going out for a swim...
If you need tips on flying with babies... I've got plenty to share :) I have even managed to breast pump while on a plane since Grace doesn't nurse... crazy, I know.