Tuesday, November 3, 2009

U2 concert & Halloween Pics

A few weeks ago we rocked out to U2 (and Black Eyed Peas)... little baby included. My boss at work is awesome... he got tickets for everyone at the clinic & they were amazing seats (Thanks Doug!).The baby was bouncing around in my tummy... I hope it wasn't too loud for her, but I think she enjoyed it. Steve luckily took the night off from studying and was able to join us.Our camera has a pretty good zoom, so we got some close up shots. They are a little blurry because of the lights, but I think they turned out pretty well. They had this gigantic screen that was segmented so it could stretch/grow... kind of hard to explain, but it was pretty cool.

And of course... the long awaited prego pics... or should I say "super hero" prego pics. We all dressed up as super heros at work. I wasn't quite sure on what super hero I wanted to be so I just threw this together. Everyone thought it was pretty funny... especially the emphasis on my ever growing belly. I got the name "super-prego" for the day.
And here's another at 31 weeks (without all the glitter accessories).